The "Chapel" began its existence as a school house built partly on land provided by Frederick Marsh, the minister who lived in the Priest Marsh House on Chapel Road and partly on land on the highway right-of-way. Construction of the school, which was sometimes referred to as the Latin School or the Academy, was financed by a group of shareholders who purchased rights payable in higher education for their children.

On November 6, 1815, the Ecclesiastical Society "voted to empower the Society Committee to apply to the proprietors of the old schoolhouse for leave to hold our religious meeting the coming Winter". The building was subsequently acquired by the Society, and religious services were regularly held there in the winter.

The building was renovated in 1910 and is now in about the same condition as at that time.

~~ From the 1971 Open House Brochure sponsored by the Women's League of Winchester Center Congregational Church